The Hall




In February 1989 the Village Hall Working Party was set up by the Parish Council to examine possible options for a new Village Hall in Sharnbrook to best meet the future needs of village residents and merit support from the Parish Rate. At discussions between the Management Committee of the Sharnbrook Playing Field Association and a member of the Board of Trustees,  an offer was made of an area approximately 36m x 15mm abutting the Pavilion for the purpose of a new Village Hall.


A public meeting, called by The Playing Field Committee in accordance with its statutory obligations for change of use of any land under its control took place on 6th October 1989 which allowed the public the opportunity to accept or reject the proposal. The plans were accepted and the building work was eventually completed in 1992.


Recent Developments


As use of the Hall has increased over the years, and the facility is used regularly by a variety of different groups and clubs, the need for additional storage space had become increasingly apparent. Planning Permission was granted in March 2010 for a 3.5mm extension at the back of the Hall to provide a storeroom, a building work for which was completed in early 2011. In August 2011 the sprung wooden floor was repaired, sanded and re-varnished and the Hall was fully redecorated.


During the summer of 2016,a a new projector and screen were installed. The first use of this new equipment was for a slide show during the Diamond Jubilee 'Big Lunch'. CCTV was installed in 2013 to improve security for the hall.


The hall was extensively refurbished and redecorated in 2015 to create a modern contemporary look with cool pastel shades. Additional insulation of heating ducts and the roof, a together with new LED lighting saves energy, lessens the carbon footprint and helps the long term sustainability of the building. These measures also improve comfort levels within the hall, as do the new curtains, decorations and dado panelling. The sprung timber floor was rejuvenated bringing out the colour of the wood and making it a more serviceable surface for all the varied activities, particularly dancing. The ‘loop system which helps those with hearing difficulties was replaced.


In 2017 the projector was replaced to provide an HDMI connection which facilitates film-shows. In 2018 new chairs were purchased to complete the contemporary look and make the hall even more attractive as a wedding reception venue.


Sharnbrook Village Hall

Lodge Road, Sharnbrook Bedfordshire  MK44 1JP

Registered Charity 1010761